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Strain gage type transducers use strain gages in the "force to electrical quantity" conversion component and convert physical quantity into electrical output.
Load cells convert weight, force, etc. to electrical signals. KYOWA strain-gage load cells are notable for simple structure, easy installation,high response and maintenance-free over long periods of usage.
Pressure transducers convert liquid or
gas pressures into electrical signals.
They enable highly precise and stable pressure measurement for a long period of time. 
Acceleration transducers convert the acceleration of running vehicle or
the vibration of car body or machinery into electrical signals.
Each model is compact and lightweight,
and ensures superior static and dynamic characteristics.
Torque transducers convert torsion corresponding to a torque of the shaft into electrical signals. Because a strain gage is used for the converting element, KYOWA torque transducer offers outstanding precision and stability.
Displacement transducers are designed to measure relative displacement and/or absolute displacement from a steady point of structures by converting detected displacement into electrical signals. We can provide various models measure a wide range of displacement from 2mm up to 5m.
Using the strain gages, these transducers convert soil or water pressure into electrical signals. The applied self-temperature-compensated foil strain gages ensure stable measurement with less drift due to temperature changes.
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