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Track Robot Test System
Windows Controller Firmwares
Robot Controller - 8.15.1 PowerPMAC - 8.15.1 GST SC - 3.08
DBS - .34.1 TurboPMAC - 8.15.3 CBAR SC (PowerPMAC) - 3.0.9
Synchro - 8.3.1 CBAR SC (TurboPMAC) - 3.08
Battery Monitor - 1.05 ABD-GPS MK II - 3.00
RC PP - 2.5.1 Sychro Beam - 1.25
Capture + Review - 1.4.0 Acc103 - 205
Router Control - 2.24 SCBS (web browser control) 4.4
RC Post Processor - 1.7.0 SCBS (LCD screen control) 2.8
Laboratory Test System
Windows Controller
SPMM Controller - 10.20g PowerPMAC -
SPMM Grapher - 4.34a TurboPMAC (previously displayed as SPMM UMAC) - 10.44
SPMM Post Processing - 4.3.1
Remote Post Processor - 4.19
SPMM Net Client -
SPMM Net Server -
LogServe - 2.05-unicode
Bin2DIA - 2.1.00
PLATO - 7.31
GPS/INS (Inertial Navigation System)
NAVsuite version rtbns version recommended xbns version recommended Features added Bugs fixed
2.6.1908.30 190225q0 190813x2/190324x1 NAVsuite - Support for the next generation of RT products.

NAVsuite - NAVconfig Beta has replaced the previous NAVconfig.

NAVconfig - support for configuring the embedded NTRIP client.

NAVconfig - support for CAN-FD with next generation RT products.

NAVconfig - support for configuring the embedded WiFi adapter on next generation RT products.

NAVconfig - gx/ix and receiver mixed mode added.

NAVsolve - support for LiDAR survey.
2.5.1903.26 190225q0 190324x1 Blended - Correctly handles the GPS week rollover issue for xNAV550 and RT1003. None
2.4.1902.11 190225q0 180606x1 NAVsolve - New batch RD file processing.

NAVsolve - New RINEX downloader.

NAVsuite - RT Post-Process removed from installer.

Plugins - New indoor navigation plugin and template.

NAVconfig Beta - Support for new CAN message: AngleGrad.

NAVbase - Support for RTCMv3.2 for RT-Base S and GPS-Base.

NAVbase - New option to change baud settings of the radio connection.
Plugins - Quick Config crashes when setting the origin for loacl co-ordinates

Plugins - Loading tests resizes form.

NAVconfig Beta - Allows RTCA and gx/ix to be setup together.

NAVsolve - Exporting hangs on certain files.
2.2.1808.01 180716q0 180606x1 NAVsuite - NAVstart introduced

NAVsuite - New NAVconfig Beta

NAVsuite - Enginuity removed from installer

NAVconfig - RTCMv3 the default differential correction type

NAVconfig - Support for new GNSS cards (OEM7).

NAVdisplay - NAVassist plugin added.

NAVdisplay - Support for RT1003MS

NAVdisplay - Support for new GNSS cards (OEM7)

NAVsolve - Support for RT1003MS

NAVsolve - Support for new GNSS cards (OEM7)
NAVconfig - Velodyne logging disabled when config read from unit.

NAVconfig - Doppler window value incorrect for Terrastar beam frequency command.

NAVdisplay - Error due to ',' decimal use in other languages.

NAVdisplay - Certain measurements not displayed correctly in Digital Widgets.

NAVdisplay - Range measurements do not appear correctly in measurement configuration.

NAVdisplay - Cannot set trigger conditions in Test and Save.

Plugins - CAN measurements not available for csv output in Test and Save.

Plugins - Logging condition is not always set correctly.

NAVgraph - Time to collision format is not correct.

RT-PostProcess - Auto trigger output file same for start on Rise or Fall.
2.1.1806.06 170802q0 180604x1 Emergency Release

Fix for Topcon time logging issue on B110 cards (firmware 4.7.8)
180129 170802q0 170905x1 NAVsuite - Installer and suite to include Major.Minor. prefix

NAVconfig - AB Dynamics: Pinpoint and LaunchPad added to product selection

NAVdisplay - Stream assignment tool bar

NAVdisplay - Greatly improved measurement widget creation

NAVdisplay - Now built with NAVlib

NAVbase - Now built with NAVlib

NAVsolve - New application to the NAVsuite and will replace RT Post-Process

NAVsolve - Provides functionality to inspect and analyse raw data

NAVsolve - Provides intergrated map overlays for both raw and processed data

NAVsolve - Now built with NAVlib

NAVsolve - Intergrates blended processing into the UI

NAVsolve - Provides a more fluid and friendly interface compared to RT Post-Process

NAVsolve - Developed with latest technologies taking advantage of high DPU settings
NAVsuite - Open rd file as different user tries to run installer

Plugins - Device status feature codes information does not appear

Plugins - Test and save error for internationalistion data format

Plugins - Quick config Surface Tilt UI crash
170829 170802q0 170905x1 NAVgraph - Support of CAN acquisition in the RT1003. Plugins - CAN measurements outputs to only 1dp in Test and Save.

Plugins - Time output in CSV only to second precision.

NAVgraph - Some of the CAN messages are not diplayed.

NAVgraph - Can not set m/s unit for the velocity measurement.

NAVgraph - Time displayed incorrectly on the cursor table.

NAVgraph - Time format not available in NAVgraph cursor table.
170330 170802q0 170905x1 NAVbase - Satel duty cycle limitation.

NAVconfig - Support for RT1003. [RT1003]

NAVdisplay - Support for RT1003. [RT1003]

NAVdisplay - Templates launch bar and image preview.

NAVdisplay - Support for RT Base S BCOM format measurement and template.

NAVdisplay - Plotting of NCOM/MCOM measurements even with navigation time not available.

NAVgraph - Support for RT1003. [RT1003]

RT Post Process - Support for RT1003. [RT1003]
NAVsetup not installing applications correctly on Windows 8.

NAVbase - Position manager values are incorrect when "," is used to separate decimals instead of ".".

NAVbase - GLONASS ephemeris not logged, RINEX g file not created.

NAVdisplay - Loading templates fails after losing and resuming network connection.

NAVdisplay - Cone Placement plugin initialisation issue.

NAVdisplay - Feature codes table update issue.

NAVdisplay - Test and Save crashes if interpolation is chosen with CAN stream.

NAVgraph - NAVgraph crashes when adding Roll measurements.

RT Post Process - Trigger output and UI issue.

RT Post Process - Extracting config files causes the corruption of dbc file.
160523 160407q4 160407x1 None NAVconfig - Acceleration filter not shown in Option page.
160505 160407q4 160407x1 NAVconfig - Support for TERRA-STAR C.

NAVdisplay - Test and Save plugin ability to interpolate data for CSV export.

NAVdisplay - Start-up hint for the user.

NAVdisplay - Template file association allows to launch of NAVdisplay by clicking on the template file.

NAVdisplay - Support for TERRA-STAR C.

NAVdisplay - Support for the LEA8-M8T receivers. [RT2500,Inertial+,xNAV200,xNAV500]

NAVgraph - Support for TERRA-STAR C.

NAVgraph - Support for the LEA8-M8T receivers. [RT2500,Inertial+,xNAV200,xNAV500]

RT Post Process - Support for TERRA-STAR C.
160124 160104q4 160104x1 NAVbase - First release.

NAVconfig - Output on trigger 2 edge configuration.

NAVconfig - SBAS corrections option. [xNAV200,xNAV500]

NAVconfig - Network DGPS option. [xNAV500,xNAV550]

NAVdisplay - Test and Save plugin enhanced with configurable start/stop conditions and custimized report generation.

NAVdisplay - Support for offline template configuration.

NAVdisplay - Support for ISO8855 (DIN70000) measurements.

NAVgraph - Ability to copy values out of the cursor table.

NAVgraph - Support for ISO8855 (DIN70000) measurements.

RT Post Process - Support for trigger 2 output to CSV.

RT Post Process - Support for KP file use in post-processing.
Enginuity - Test and Save does not allow to select 250Hz extended range output. [RT2502X]

Enginuity - Test and Save Start/Stop button not visible.

NAVbase - Windows 10 usb driver for GPS-Base.
150730 150708q4 150728x1 NAVconfig - Configurable IMU rate. [xNAV200,xNAV250,xNAV500,xNAV550]

NAVconfig - Ability to enable the use of external heading for supported receivers. [Inertial+]

NAVconfig - Ability to set a device as a network corrections transmitter/receiver.

NAVconfig - Functionality to specify a post/pre fix suffix to CAN navigation and status messages and provide identifier offset.

NAVdisplay - Allow distance zeroing from the Command button plugin.

NAVdisplay - New templates.

NAVgraph - KML export at user specified rate. Includes altitude and extrude options.

NAVgraph - 200Hz export option.
NAVconfig - CAN message configuration tab order.

NAVconfig - Serial rate configured/displayed incorrectly.

NAVconfig - Differential options incorrect. [xNAV250]

NAVconfig - SBAS settings not getting written to mobile.cfg. [xNAV250]

NAVconfig - Not possible to read configuration from the unit. [xNAV250]

NAVdisplay - Feature code table upload.

NAVdisplay - RT-Range streams visible in NAVconnect.

NAVdisplay - Cone placement feature.

NAVgraph - Additional slip points.
150316 150310q4 150305x1 NAVconfig - Vertical Advanced Slip feature to improve drift performance in poor GNSS conditions.

NAVconfig - Coordinate frame Datum changes supported for ETRS89, WGS84, ITRF2008 and NAD83, plus altitude reference for Geoid (custom).

NAVdisplay - First release.

NAVgraph - Support for setting the CSV export data rate.

NAVgraph - Support for plotting photogrammetric measurements.
NAVconfig - CAN identifiers update.

NAVdisplay - CAN stream not being logged.

NAVdisplay - Crash when adding CAN to graph.

NAVgraph - Multiple XCOM files with CAN measurements are not displayed on graph.

NAVgraph - NAVgraph not outputting to CSV file at 250Hz.
140804 140728q3 140616x1 None RT Post Process - OEM4 GPS Week calculation.
140710 140623q3 140616x1 Enginuity - Support for Novatel OEM6 receivers. [RT2000,RT3000,RT4000,Survey+]

NAVconfig - Support for OEM638 and TopCon B110 GPS external receivers. [Inertial+]

NAVconfig - Support for the SDCM (Russia) and GAGAN (India) regions in SBAS Options.

NAVconfig - DGNSS service added in Options.

NAVgraph - Support multiple binary files export to single XCOM file.

NAVgraph - Support multiple sources files data into one single CSV file.

NAVgraph - Display base station RINEX files used for post processing data.

RT Post Process - Support for Novatel OEM6 receivers. [RT2000,RT3000,RT4000,Survey+]

RT Post Process - Support for multiple RINEX base station files.

RT Post Process - Outputs triggers & events in combined post-processing.
Enginuity - Test And Save not saving camera trigger packets.

NAVconfig - Stop working when a dbc file with illegal identifiers is used.

RT Post Process - Multiple RINEX base station processing issues.
140417 131019q3 N/A None NAVconfig - Saved setting lost when loaded from mobile.cfg. [Inertial+]
131203 131019q3 N/A NAVconfig - New NMEA messages.

NAVconfig - Serial outputs for MCOM/TSS1/TSSHHRP/Simrad EM1000 and Simrad EM3000.

NAVgraph - Support for NCOM, MCOM, RCOM and XCOM (including CAN data) files.

NAVgraph - Displays and plots CAN signals.
Enginuity - XCOM packet data not shown.

RT Post Process - RT Post Process does not output XCOM file.