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Robot Test Systems
These robots were designed to allow all typical tests to be performed quickly, accurate and repeatably to enable high quality objective data to be obtained, without the need for highly skilled drivers.
Steering robots (or programmable steering controllers) apply precise, repeatable inputs to a vehicle's steering system.
It uses a compact but powerful DC motor driving a precision ball-screw actuator.
The ABD Gearchange Robot (GR) has been designed to perform controlled changing of gears in manual transmission cars and light vans.
Driverless testing is used by ABD customers around the world to perform tests where there is a risk of injury to a human test driver.
We have developed a system that enables its Steering Robots to guide a vehicle, so that it follows a specified path along a road.
Anthony Best Dynamics (ABD) has developed a proprietary telemetry system designed to offer reliable low-latency data transfer over distances of 1km or more.
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