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Automotive Test Equipments
Automotive Test Equipments are used for applications such as automotive performance testing.
G-meter(Acceleration & Deceleration Meter)
MLC(Gear Changing Force Transducer)
L-350 Aqua sensors are designed for application under extreme testing conditions, e.g.measuring longitudinal dynamics on snow and ice as well as wet surfaces.
HF series use the principle of optical triangulation.
LTB(Parking Brake Force Transducer)
SX Series(Pedal Travel Transducer)
FCC(Pedal Force Transducer)
FN4060(Seat Belt Force Transducer)
The fifth wheel assembly is used for providing data on distance travelled for all car motion measurements that require test results free from slip effects.
SCW(Window Lever Force Transducer)
Titanium Outrigger in "NHTSA" spec
Water Dummy
The RT-Split is ideal for accurate tyre slip measurements even in wet conditions.
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